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Digital print onto rip stock nylon using data from the Cardiff Bay Barrage Harbour Authority control room computers.  Data relating to the tides, water levels, wind and sluice gates ticks along screens on the computers and disappears off the other end.  This work sought to freeze and immortalise a moment of time on fabric, that was then made into a kite and aired to the public over the environment it was reading.


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LOCK ISLAND NO.2: Milkfloat residency, Cardiff Bay Barrage (2013)

The Cardiff Bay Barrage is a boulder clad curve that keeps the salty Bristol channel from Cardiff’s freshwater lagoon. A watery playground for those with boats, the barrage also performs a mammoth task, managing tons of water every second, filtered down from the Brecon Beacons, via the river Ely and Taff.  

The Milkfloat residency was sited on lock island number 2 for three weeks, overlooked by the steel-box quiff of the control tower and camouflaged by post-it notes.  It sat in the middle of an illusion, on top a network of maintenance tunnels and pelted by weather, sun, rain and wind.

During the residency a number of interactions took place that responded to the environmental extremes, detritus exposed by the tides, measures put in place to aid wildlife and the heavy machinery that continuously functioned. 

A series of audio, video and sculptural sketches were created using hidden data generated by the barrage levels and fish pass footage provided by Natural Resources Wales.  

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